M.S. | Geosciences

Pennsylvania State University, State

College, PA


B.S. | Geosciences

Pacific Lutheran University,

Tacoma, WA



Slate: 510.277.3325 x703


Courtney Johnson, PG, CEG

Courtney Johnson specializes in geologic hazard assessment and seismic hazard analysis with extensive project experience related to critical utility infrastructure, dams, and hospital and federal buildings. She assesses geologic hazards such as surface fault rupture, landslides, and liquefaction throughout California. She characterizes seismic sources and runs computer models to calculate probabilistic seismic hazard analyses (PSHA) and probabilistic fault rupture hazards for a variety of sites located throughout California, the United States, and abroad.

Throughout California, she has managed extensive field investigations consisting of exploratory drilling, geologic mapping, and geophysical surveys to characterize subsurface conditions in support of engineering design. She routinely develops field investigation plans, logs and samples test pits and trenches or the materials sampled from hollow-stem auger, mud-rotary, rock coring, and sonic drilling methods. Recently, she completed drilling oversight over 2,000 linear feet in Franciscan Complex bedrock with extensive downhole geophysics to characterize rock mass parameters for the design of a major dam seismic retrofit project in California.