B.S. | Civil Engineering

CSU Sacramento


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Jerry Pascoe, PE, GE

Jerry Pascoe provides geotechnical and civil engineering services that include geotechnical investigations, SME consultation, and designs for various projects including dams; water conveyance systems; roadways and bridges; pipelines; solar and cell phone installations; water tanks; parks and schools; military facilities; commercial, industrial, and retail complexes; and residential. Mr. Pascoe manages projects from preliminary design through construction including scope and cost development; preparation of alternatives analysis and preliminary design reports; preparation of plans, specifications, and cost estimates; construction observation services; installation and monitoring of geotechnical instrumentation; materials testing and inspection, and final construction reports. Mr. Pascoe supervises and mentors engineering staff and oversees the work of subconsultants and subcontractors. He specializes in foundation and retaining wall design, settlement analysis and monitoring; mitigation of expansive soils; slope stability and deformation analyses; landslide evaluations and mitigation, geotechnical instrumentation and monitoring; forensic investigations including crack and settlement monitoring; pavement evaluations and design; and liquefaction studies.

Mr. Pascoe has an extensive design background and is effective at strategizing, anticipating, and resolving problems and issues on complex, small- to large-scale civil engineering projects involving multi-disciplined project teams, regulatory agencies, and subcontractors/subconsultants. Mr. Pascoe has routinely worked on projects that involve regulatory oversight by California Division of Safety of Dams (DSOD) and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC). Mr. Pascoe has a unique perspective, having come from a traditional geotechnical background and working intimately with contractors in the field to gain an insight into constructability, bringing this to project design to ensure the designs are reasonable and cost-effective, while still meeting the design objective, saving the owner time and money. Some prime characteristics of Mr. Pascoe are that he is highly motivated, goal-oriented, client driven, dedicated, focused, and resourceful.