M.S. | Geotechnical Engineering

University of California, Davis


B.S. | Civil Engineering

California Polytechnic State

University, San Luis Obispo



Slate: 510.277.3325 x704



Justin Phalen, PE, GE

Justin Phalen’s primary practice includes the evaluation of the seismic performance and risk assessment of large earth dams and levee systems, particularly those susceptible to liquefaction, cyclic softening, and strength loss during strong ground shaking. The evaluations of these systems range from simplistic screening analyses to full probabilistic-based performance assessments. Stability evaluations include performing two-dimensional, equivalent-linear dynamic response and deformation analyses, as well as nonlinear, finite difference (FLAC) analyses. He also develops recommendations and designs for remediation of earth embankment structures that have the potential for unacceptable seismic performance, as determined by the client and regulatory bodies.

One of his areas of expertise is the coordination, management, and development of work plans to perform complex geotechnical subsurface investigations that include drilling borings, advancing cone penetration tests (CPTs), installing instrumentation, and trenching. At sensitive dam facilities these work plans have been routinely accepted by the State of California Division of Safety of Dams (DSOD), and Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC).