Ph.D. | Geotechnical Engineering

University of California, Berkeley


M.S. | Geotechnical Engineering

University of California, Berkeley


B.S. | Civil Engineering

University of California, Berkeley


Slate: 510.277.3325 x709


Nathaniel Wagner, PhD, PE

Dr. Nathaniel Wagner specializes in geotechnical numerical modeling of complex subsurface conditions of structures and embankment dams using FLAC and FLAC3D. His numerical models related to structures include analysis of soil-structure interaction, effects of adjacent construction, causation of undesired building performance, and evaluation of retrofit alternatives. Modeling of dams consists of two-dimensional seismic response analysis that includes seismic slope stability and deformation analyses. He is adept at reviewing, interpreting, and synthesizing geotechnical laboratory test data to characterize subsurface conditions for engineering analysis.

During his graduate studies, Dr. Wagner focused on seismic earth pressures on earth retaining structures using centrifuge experiments and numerical simulations in FLAC to assist in the development of design recommendations for large basement structures.