Director's Safety Review Board for Castaic, Crafton Hills, Perris Dams


Castaic, Crafton Hills, and Perris Dams are operated and maintained by the California Department of Water Resources (DWR). California Water Code requires DWR to retain an independent Director’s Safety Review Board (Board) on a five-year cycle to make an independent report to the DWR Director on the operational performance and safety of DWR-owned dams. Marc Ryan, Principal Engineer with Slate is part of the Board providing engineering review, inspection, and safety evaluation of all project works for Castaic, Crafton Hills, and Perris dams.
As an independent consultant for the Board, Slate performed a detailed review of all existing project information including the original design and construction reports, performed dam safety inspections, and wrote reports for each of the above dams. Our services included identifying any actual or potential deficiencies, reviewing historical documentation of design, construction, instrumentation, performance, operations, and all other relevant documents as requested. Additionally, we performed an independent inspection, review, and safety evaluation of all the project works. The project also includes participation on the Consulting Board of Review for the Castaic Dam Modernization project. That project potentially includes a new intake structure, new outlet tunnel, new or rebuilt spillway, and a new downstream control structure.