Jefferson Union High School District Geotechnical Investigation

Daly City, Calfornia

Slate Geotechnical Consultants performed geotechnical investigation and developed geotechnical recommendations for the design and construction of the proposed Jefferson Union High School District (JUHSD) new Faculty and Staff Housing development. The proposed development consists of a residential complex of three- to four-story wood-framed buildings, communal/administration buildings, and a series of two-story scissor lift parking structures. All structures are planned to be constructed at-grade and supported on isolated spread footings and/or strip footings.

Slate assessed the potential for earthquake-induced geologic hazards at the site (e.g., surface fault rupture, landsliding, and liquefaction and related phenomena) using the results of a field investigation and review of readily available geologic maps. Slate developed geotechnical recommendations for new foundations, flexible pavements, retaining walls, and provided geotechnical considerations for construction.