M.S. | Geotechnical Engineering

University of California, Berkeley


B.S. | Civil & Env. Engineering

Lafayette College, Easton, PA


510.277.3325 x702


Debra Murphy, PE

Debra Murphy performs a range of geotechnical engineering and seismic hazard studies for sites throughout the United States and abroad for the design and construction of new buildings and seismic retrofit of existing buildings, hospital facilities, and dams. She specializes in the development of site-specific design ground motion characterization, probabilistic and deterministic response spectra, and site response. She selects and modifies acceleration time histories for the dynamic analysis of dams and structures for near and far field conditions in a variety of regulatory environments. She performs earthquake engineering studies and assessments for geologic hazards that may affect a site, specifically for liquefaction susceptibility and slope instability for critical utility transmission.

As the chair of the Ground Motions Subcommittee for the Structural Engineers Association of Northern California, she leads experts in the seismic hazard field to implement advances in assessing and modeling seismic hazard. Debra is an Earthquake Engineering Research Institute (EERI) Housner Fellow, a leadership program designed to reduce earthquake risk and to connect engineering analysis to the people through policy work and team collaboration.