Our Values

We believe in building strong relationships.  By communicating and collaborating with our clients, each other, and the scientific community we enrich our practice.

We believe in being innovative.  By developing new techniques and services to solve our clients problems we improve our practice.

We believe in having fun.  We love what we do and we love a challenge.  Bring it on!

Meet the Team

jennie watson-lamprey


Principal Engineering Seismologist

Jennie recently learned to surf cast.

Debra Murphy


Principal Engineer

Debra sang with Michael Jackson in middle school.

Courtney Johnson


Principal Geologist

Courtney is predominantly left-handed but cannot use left-handed scissors.

Marc Ryan


Principal Engineer

Marc rode his bike from the Yukon, across British Columbia, and to Haines, one (very long) day.

Justin Phalen


Principal Engineer

Justin develops casual games for iOS in his spare time, of which there is currently none.


Kathryn Wooddell

Senior Engineering Seismologist

Don't make Katie mad, she recently got her black belt in Kuk Sool Won.

Nathaniel Wagner

Project Engineer

Call Nathaniel if you'd like to know more.

Sydney Maguire

Staff Geologist

Sydney can wiggle her ears.

IMG_1206 (1)

Paige Hval

Staff Engineer

Paige loves to paint and do pottery.


Tessa Williams

Project Engineer

Tessa enjoys rock climbing despite her intense fear of heights.

Micaela Largent

Staff Engineer

Micaela has skied in Patagonia.


Thomas Clifford

Staff Geologist

Tom can ride a unicycle, though not well enough to enjoy it.


Kelley Shaw

Project Geologist

Kelley has swum across Lake Tahoe 5 times and to Alcatraz twice.

Barry Zheng

Staff Engineer

Barry aspires to be a part-time pâtissier.


Faith Moore

Staff Engineer

Faith has practiced yoga on four continents.


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