M.S. | Geosystems Engineering

University of California, Berkeley


B.S. | Geology with Emphasis

in Engineering

San Diego State University



Slate: 510.277.3325 x715

Cell: 707.761.7215


Faith Moore, GIT

Faith has experience working on a variety of projects involving both field exploration and in-house engineering analysis on a range of water resource projects, including dams and other flood control structures. Field experience includes rock coring, insitu permeability packer testing, soil logging, field reconnaissance, installing vibrating wire piezometers, cone penetration testing (CPT), best management practice (BMP) inspections, non-destructive testing (NDT), and observation of both downhole geophysics and assisting with geophysical testing. Technical experience includes development of geotechnical data reports (GDR) including the use of Bentley products, such as gINT; coordinating laboratory testing programs for both soil and rock; aerial imagery review; slope stability and seepage modeling with Geostudio software; and global stability analyses.

She also has served as the FERC Part 12D recorder for multiple Potential Failure Modes Analysis (PFMA) dam projects and assisted with the reporting.