Slate Geotechnical Consultants values participation in research to develop new technology and approaches to advance the practice of geotechnical engineering, seismic hazard analysis, and geology. Our team is currently participating in future building code development activities. Our team has participated in research for the development of:

  • Next Generation Attenuation (NGA-West1)
  • Next Generation Attenuation (NGA-West2) Directivity Working Group
  • PEER Directivity Model
  • Ground Motion Rotation and Maximum Direction
  • PEER 2018 Probabilistic Seismic Hazard Analysis Code Verification Project
  • Partial and fully non-ergodic hazard analysis
  • Cumulative absolute velocity modeling
  • Central and Eastern United States point source distance correction model
  • Tectonic Deformation in Marin County
  • Dam Risk Analysis
  • Newmark Displacement Model
  • Southwestern United States Ground Motion Characterization
  • YUCCA Mountain
  • Natural Gas Infrastructure Risk Analysis

Representative projects